Fish Place, Surry Hills

Located on Foveaux Street, the Fish Place is a simple and convenient spot for lunch. It is cheap, healthy and their fish is delicious and absolutely fresh.

Despite their small menu, they offer a variety of fishes, including a Fish of Day, which can be grilled or fried.

We opted for their popular Smoked salmon bagel and a classic Fish and Chips.


Smoked salmon bagel ($8.50)
Fish and Chips ($10)

The salmon bagel was made in front of our eyes, with chunky pieces of fresh salmon from the whole fillet on display. The smokiness of the salmon was delicious, especially with the soft bagel and a right amount of cream cheese, onion and capers. The fish and chips was also very tasty, as well as their tartar sauce.

I highly recommend the Fish Place for a quick, healthy and tasty lunch with decent prices. Plus they are open all day (until 8:30pm) so perfect for a late-lunch or a quick dinner!

Fish Place on Urbanspoon

Fish Place
70 Foveaux St
Surry Hills, NSW 2010

2 comments on “Fish Place, Surry Hills

  1. the salmon bagel is amaaazing!

  2. iamtoofree says:

    I think I’m in love with that bagel.

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