The Book Kitchen, Surry Hills

It’s always hard to find empty seats at Bourke Street bakery, especially on weekends, but luckily there is a lovely cafe located just across the road: The Book Kitchen! This cafe can get quite busy, but the wait for a table is usually quick.

Why do I like The Book Kitchen?

Well ironically, not for its books (I am not a book nerd :() but for its friendly atmosphere and its food. They have an all-day breakfast menu, which I think is something all cafes should have. I mean, who doesn’t like breakfast food? Who hasn’t craved an Egg & bacon roll or some bacon and avocado on sourdough toast at 2pm after a lazy morning? Well I have!

We have been there quite a few times, but each time was enjoyable, the service and quality of food is consistent.


Cook’s muesli with Greek yoghurt ($7/$10) with fruits ($4)
220g grainge beef sirloin seasoned with the TBK spice rub, served with roasted kipflers & tomatoes, confit eschallot, green beans & veal jus ($20)

The Cook’s muesli was nice and crunchy, perfect when combined with their Greek yoghurt and some seasonal fruits.

The beef was very tender and the veal jus quite delicious; but we thought the vegetables (roasted kipflers and tomatoes) were a little bit too mushy.


Hand cut chips with spicy harrisa or hand whipped aioli or malt vinegar ($6)

These ‘chips’ are so big they look like wedges, but they are absolutely delicious! Crunchy on the outside and seasoned with the perfect amount of salt.


Trio corn fritters, avocado salsa, poached egg and your choice of smoked salmon or bacon ($20) or both ($23)
Fish fillets in a chickpea batter with a romesco and witlof, apple and herb salad ($19)

Second time we went we opted for their trio of corn fritters with avocado, egg and bacon, and fish fillets with salad. The fish fillets were nice, not too cooked on the inside and the salad was well-dressed.
I highly recommend the corn fritters as the flavours of each item of the dish go really well together (although the third time we went I thought their corn fritters was a little bit too floury- but that was just that one time). All their ingredients used are fresh, and you can tell by looking at the avocado salsa and rocket. Also the poached egg was just perfect! Smooth with a runny yolk on the inside…

The Book Kitchen is an ideal place for book lovers, as they have a section with many books and newspapers, with cushions and stools. It has a very cosy feel to it and the staff is usually very nice and friendly. So if next time Bourke Street Bakery is too packed, go across the road and try The Book Kitchen!

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