Mizuya, Sydney CBD

Mizuya is one of the Japanese restaurants you want to go to when you’re with a group of friends, or just with your partner, looking for good Japanese food in a relaxed and intimate setting. Indeed, the booths at Mizuya are large, allowing up to 6-8 people to be seated; but if you’re only two, it allows you to have dinner in all privacy.
Each booth has a touch-screen tablet with an ordering system, which makes it really fun and interactive. This gives you time to look at the entire menu before ordering and the images and descriptions of each dish are very helpful in choosing what to order. They have an extensive menu that includes Kushiyaki (skewers grilled – e.g. grilled chicken, ox tongue, duck), Kushiage (deep-fried skewers – e.g. deep-fried prawns, beef, cheese on skewers), Teppanyaki (meat or fish fried with vegetables on a hot steel plate), Hot pots, Sides and salads, and the usual Sushi/Sashimi. Yep, there is a lot to choose from!

Also, because of this ordering system, there is no service, the staff just brings the food out and clears the table. However, you can always press ‘Call staff’ on the tablet if you need help or want some water (yes you’ll have to ask for that).Nevertheless the staff is nice and friendly, and the food comes pretty quickly after ordering from the touch screens. The prices are decent ($$) although they have been increasing their prices lately, but what you pay for is mainly for the ambiance of the restaurant, and the private booths.

Here are some of the new dishes they have added to their menu since our last visits:


Salmon Tataki with spicy Ponzu sauce $10.80


Wagyu beef & mix mushroom udon $10.80


Teriyaki chicken salad $9.80

Their salads are huge (good value for money!) and their Japanese dressing is delicious (as always.. I love Japanese salad dressing!)


Salmon Aburi
An all-time favourite!

Mizuya is also known for its private karaoke rooms so I would recommend this place for karaoke lovers who want to digest their food and sing their hearts out after dinner.

And I forgot to mention… drinks! They have a number of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, which are very refreshing and cheap, especially during Happy Hour (3pm until 7pm: $5 all beers and $10 all cocktails!)


Cocktails yaay!

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3 comments on “Mizuya, Sydney CBD

  1. Mish says:

    Totes visiting one day!

  2. Kelven Ng says:

    Great post! I am actually traveling to Sydney this weekend and was really thinking about finding a sushi joint to visit. Having moved to Melbourne from Canada, the one food we have been missing has been sushi. There just are not very many options here!

    • There are some great sushi places here (and ramen too!) I have a few favourites but if you have a look on urbanspoon you will be able to find some of the most popular japanese places in Sydney. Hope you have a great weekend here in Sydney!

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