Toko Restaurant & Bar, Surry Hills

Well, for your first foodie blog post, you gotta start with one of the best!

Dining at Toko was simply amazing, one of the best Japanese food experiences I’ve ever had.

Situated on Crown Street, the restaurant always appears packed, on weekdays and on weekends. Reading about the restaurant online, I was surprised by their expensive prices ($$$), and I thought to myself; How much better can sushi be at that price? I mean, it’s just sushi, right? Yet, I was eager to try it, especially after reading so many good reviews.

Bon appétit !


Left: tai no sashimi to karikari buta (thinly sliced wild snapper, truffle oil, pork crackling)
Right: sake no miso tarutaru (salmon tartare, wasabi miso, lotus root crisps

Eating the thin slices of snapper dressed in truffle oil with tiny bits of pork crackling was simply exquisite. Each element of the dish would melt in your mouth, creating a perfect combination of textures and flavours. The salmon tartare is not the usual Western style salmon tartare you get in restaurants or the one you make at home, this one was mixed with wasabi miso and salmon roe, which went really well with the thin lotus root crisps.


Toko signature sushi:
hotate no ponzu to wasabi ae gunkan (chopped scallop, ponzu, wasabi, cucumber)
aburi to umeboshi no unagi nigiri (unagi, torched foie gras, umeboshi)
wagyu no nigiri (seared wagyu beef nigiri, eschallots, chives)


aburi to umeboshi no unagi nigiri (unagi, torched foie gras, umeboshi)

 This sushi was probably one of the best I’ve ever had in my life! I’ve always had foie gras on toast (French Christmas tradition!), but I never thought of having it with fish. The saltiness of the eel combined with the slightly melted foie gras on top created this unique flavour. Oh I want some more!


watari-gani no karaage
crispy soft-shell crab, wasabi mayonaise

Dessert time!


torokeru chocolato to hazelnut no fondant
chocolate and hazelnut fondant, milk ice cream


rubarbu crumble nihonshu shabetto zoe
chilled rhubarb-macadamia crumble, vanilla custard, apple sorbet

The chocolate and hazelnut fondant was my favourite (obviously, as a chocolate-lover!) but rhubarb crumble was also delightful, and the apple sorbet very refreshing.

Toko was such a good place to celebrate Monsieur and I’s one-year anniversary. The food was delicious and the restaurant wasn’t too noisy, allowing us to enjoy a romantic and cheesy dinner.

Food: 9/10
Service: 8/10
Ambiance: 8/10
Price range: $$$

Date of visit: March 2013

Toko Restaurant & Bar
490 Crown Street
Surry Hills NSW 2010 Australia
Telephone +61 2 9357 6100

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3 comments on “Toko Restaurant & Bar, Surry Hills

  1. oh God, unbelievably yummy!

  2. hehe I too am French with an Asian background blogging about food in Sydney! The first time I had foie gras sushi was in Hong Kong… in the airport! The fat rendered from the foie gras was oozing down the piece of rice below, and that was awwwesome! So moreish!:)
    Welcome to the Sydney food scene!

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